Bhejai Chinwadzimba (42 years)


He had a Heart Attack in November 2018 and got admitted at Parirenyatwa hospital, he was mainly suffering from shortness of breath and pulmonary edema which caused a build-up of fluids in his lungs. Due to financial constraints he could not undergo treatment on time and succumbed to the condition passing away on the 13th of October 2019. He was very passionate about ZimHeart

Phyllis Kativhu


She diagnosed of Rheumatic Heart Diseases at 5 years old. Phyllis underwent an open heart surgery to replace her damaged valves at the age of 19. The procedure was performed by Professor Mahalu at Parirenyatwa Hospital. Her condition is stable with minor challenges.

Tariro Ruwona


He had severe headaches from an early age and started to have palpitations and very high blood pressure and breathlessness after any minor activities. He was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Diseases by Prof Matenga and by then it had damaged two of his valves. He underwent corrective heart surgery in India in 2016. His condition is stable but takes medication for life.

Malvin Pride Chimbetete


He had breathing problems from birth and the condition got worse as he was growing. Dr Dicok discovered that Malvern’s heart had many complications which required attention. In 1994 he had a shunt operation at Parirenyatwa Hospital. A year later he had complications and in October 1995 he had another surgery performed by Dr Mahalu. To date he as a pacemaker implant and is on medication. He is doing fairly okay and is gainfully employed.

Matida Amber Ndoro


Born on 27th of June 2015. She was diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease at the age of 3months which caused severe pulmonary hypertension. She had her surgery done by Italian Doctors at Parirenyatwa hospital in June 2018. Before discharge she had a severe cardiac arrest which caused Hypoxic brain injury and seizures . She also got paralysed and had to go for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Now she is recovering, taking medication and visiting the Doctors only after six months. Unfortunately most of her medication is being imported from South Africa.

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ZimHeart Trust is a non – profit making organization. Its core objective is to meet the healthcare needs of people living with heart conditions. The Trust works with the available local and foreign cardiologists for the improvement of the cardiac patients.