We are crowd funding to assist the people below. Donations towards these causes can be directed to ZimHeart POSB Account: 500003094991 with reference to the particular patient. You may contact us for donations in kind which you may wish to offer.

Parsely Sithole

Heart Surgery| India

This beautiful girl is doing Grade 4 at Chikumbiro Primary School in Gweru. She has a Heart Problem that requires her to go for a heart surgery in India. As the Chikumbiro and Zimheart families we are kindly appealing for your kind donations to enable her mother to take her to India

Goal: $20,000

  • Raised 2% 2%


Tadiwanashe Mutizira is a 22-year-old pharmacy student at the University of Zimbabwe. He has been diagnosed with Type A dissection of the thoracic aorta with involvement of the sinotubular junction as well as the ostium of the right coronary artery.

Simply put, he has a crack in his aorta (blood vessel from the heart), which may result in leakage.

He is supposed to go for an immediate surgical intervention in South Africa. The surgery is expected to be around US$ 20 000.

We, therefore, ask for a hand to help our dearest brother and friend to meet the above costs for his medical care.

Due to the urgency of this medical condition, the surgery is expected to be done within this month.

Please, brothers and sisters, donate whatever you can. Every little bit will help! Thank you.

Goal: US$20,000

  • Raised 15% 15%

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People's Own Savings Bank (POSB)
Account Name : Zimheart
Account Number: 500003094991

ZimHeart Trust is a non – profit making organization. Its core objective is to meet the healthcare needs of people living with heart conditions. The Trust works with the available local and foreign cardiologists for the improvement of the cardiac patients.